Erika Hayden

Science Communication. Directs the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Graduate Program. Erika is a science journalist interested in involving the public in discussions about the science, ethics and societal impact of astrobiology.

Jon Ellis

Philosophy. Directs the Center for Public Philosophy at UC Santa Cruz. Seeks to facilitate productive dialogue and deliberation and engage with the public on issues of philosophy, ethics, and critical thinking including space exploration ethics.

Zac Zimmer

Literature. Interested in the history of colonialism and how it relates to the future of space exploration. Currently using the sixteenth century colonial history of the Americas as a way to think about astrobiological futures.

Chad Saltikov

Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology. Studies the genetics and physiology of microbes that can grow on and metabolize toxic metals. Focuses on the genetic pathways for anaerobic reduction/oxidation of arsenic compounds and anoxygenic photosynthesis of arsenic in extreme environments.