UCSC Astrobiology Initiative Brings Science, Humanities, and Art Together to Study the Ethics of Space Sciences

UC Santa Cruz’s Astrobiology Initiative is an interdisciplinary research collaborative dedicated to the study of the origin, evolution, and prevalence of life in the universe. By probing how life forms, identifying the markers life produces, and observing our local astronomical neighborhood, astrobiology brings a 21st-century approach to the puzzle of life: what processes give rise […]

2021 – 2022 UC Santa Cruz Astrobiology Science Communication Graduate Fellow: Zack Savitsky

Astrobiology focuses on the search for life beyond Earth. A core mission of the UC Santa Cruz Astrobiology Initiative is to effectively communicate with the public the science and ethics of this field. To this end, the UC Santa Cruz Astrobiology Initiative sponsors a Science Communication Graduate Fellowship. Scholars will focus their capstone Science Notes project on […]